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Account, Addresses, Authentication keys


An account represents a resource on the Starcoin that can send transactions. An account is a collection of Move resources stored at a particular 16-byte account address.

Addresses, authentication keys

A Starcoin account is uniquely identified by its 16-byte account address. Each account stores an authentication key used to authenticate the signer of a transaction. An account’s address is derived from its initial authentication key, but the Diem Payment Network supports rotating the authentication key of an account without changing its address.

the authentication key is not a private key,it is public to others.

To generate an authentication key and account address:

Generate a fresh key-pair (pubkey_A, privkey_A). The Starcoin uses the PureEdDSA scheme over the Ed25519 curve, as defined in RFC 8032. Derive a 32-byte authentication key auth_key = sha3-256(pubkey | 0x00), where | denotes concatenation. The 0x00 is a 1-byte signature scheme identifier where 0x00 means single-signature. The account address is the last 16 bytes of auth_key.

Sequence Number

  • The sequence number for an account indicates the number of transactions that have been submitted and committed on chain from that account. It is incremented every time a transaction sent from that account is executed or aborted and stored in the blockchain.
  • A transaction is executed only if it matches the current sequence number for the sender account. This helps sequence multiple transactions from the same sender and prevents replay attacks.
  • If the current sequence number of an account A is X, then a transaction T on account A will only be executed if T's sequence number is X.
  • Transactions with a sequence number greater than the account sequence number will be stored in mempool until their account sequence number is added to match the transaction sequence number (or until they expire).
  • When the transaction is applied, the sequence number of the account will become X+1. The account has a strictly increasing sequence number.

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