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Starcoin CookBook Intro

The goal of the Starcoin Cookbook is to provide a full-stack learning resource for developers to learn how to develop on Starcoin.

It contains three main sections.

  1. Knowledge about the Starcoin blockchain. Learn how to run nodes, understand blocks, transactions and state.
  2. Knowledge about the Move programming language and the StarcoinFramework. Learn how to write, test, and deploy Move smart contracts. Learn about the features offered by StarcoinFramework.
  3. Knowledge about Web3. Learn how DApps interact with smart contracts, how to call the Starcoin chain's RPC API, etc.

These learning resources are mainly related to Starcoin, but they can also be used as general learning resources for blockchain and smart contracts, because the smart contract blockchains are similar in technical principles.

This document is still being improved, and welcome to improve it Contribution Guide.